AISS DG, Dr. Davood Moradian spoke at the UK House of Lords on Taliban’s Gender Apartheid!

On the Annual Lecture of Rahela Trust, the UK House of Lords hosted a discussion on 'How can women access education and work in Afghanistan today?' yesterday February 27, 2023 to discuss the current issues and barriers surrounding Afghan women and education.
Dr. Davood Moradian talked about #Taliban’s Gender Apartheid and the responsibility of the British government as a country that has a rich history in confronting early apartheid and fascist regimes. 
Dr. Moradian said that Talibanism is a political ideology, similar to totalitarian transformative political ideologies. He stressed that gender apartheid is an integral pillar of the Taliban’s “Islamofascism ideology.” 
Providing a comparative analysis of Jews’ elimination, Dr. Moradian said “physical and political elimination of Jews was central to ideological identity and objective of Nazism. For the Taliban’s Islamofascism ideology political elimination of women from public spaces and roles is their constituent pillar.”
As part of the UK government’s responsibility, Dr. Moradian said that the UK has a rich history of confronting early apartheid and fascist regimes including ending South Africa’s apartheid regime, and the UK Parliament, civil society, academies, churches, and media led the UK and global efforts. Therefore, he urged the UK Parliament and like-minded UK partners to reignite their residual energ and commitment to helping Afghans to end the World’s first Gendered Apartheid in Afghanistan.