Avicenna International Award For Intercultural Cooperation For Peace-V

Real and often perceived differences contribute and drive conflicts within and across societies and nations. Bridging such differences through dialogue is vital in preventing, resolving and transforming conflicts as well as realizing our collective potentials in building a more humane, just and peaceful world. To this end, there are inspirational personalities that can help transcend our self-imposed isolation by broadening our mutual understanding and recognizing the abundant commonalities that exist across different societies and cultures. In line with the AISS’ core objective in promoting understanding and cooperation through dialogue, we are pleased to initiate Afghanistan’s First International Award to honor distinguished individuals, institutions, initiatives and projects advocating dialogue, intercultural exchange, mutual coexistence and non-violent approaches. The Award is named after one of the World’s renowned scholars, Avicenna whose life and work transcended cultural and geographical boundaries.

Selection Procedure
Based on the above guideline and throughout consultation with concerned scholars and experts, director of the AISS recommends the name of the most qualified person to the AISS Advisory Board. Upon deliberation, the chairman and the director of AISS will write a joint formal letter to the winner, advising of the AISS decision. The Award ceremony is scheduled to take place in late September each year during the celebration of international Day of Peace