About AISS


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) was established in October 2012 and has since become a premier research institution in Afghanistan. It aims to create an intellectual space for addressing strategic issues pertaining to Afghanistan in the wider regional and international contexts. AISS seeks to foster timely discussions on Afghanistan by publishing high-quality research reports and promoting dialogue amongst a wide spectrum of stakeholders. All our activities and programs are based on the principles of Professionalism, Independence, Internationalism and Progressive Values..

Objective And Goals

The AISS is an independent, not-for-profit research institute dedicated to providing qualitative, non-partisan and policy-oriented research, publication, translation of books/reports, professional training and policy advocacy with distinct focus on Afghanistan. A cross-cutting priority of AISS is to empower the youth through specific programmatic initiatives, as the youth represent the future of the country.

Means And Activities

In order to contribute to ongoing efforts in consolidating Afghanistan’s fragile achievements and realize the nation’s immense human and natural resources, the AISS uses a series of instruments, including:

  • Conducting independent researches
  • Entering partnership agreement with respected and like-minded research institutes
  • Publication (books and journals)
  • Translation of important books/articles from English into Farsi/Pashto and vice versa
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops (provincial , national, international) and briefings
  • Offering executive type leadership training programs
  •  Initiating and sponsoring annual public awards for recognizing outstanding Afghan youth and international personality
  • Integrating conventional and modern social media tools/networks in all its activities.

Research Focus Areas

The AISS conducts timely research in a broad range of political, economics and societal issues. Our current research areas include: Democratic-state building process; National Security; Sustainable Economic Development; Regional Cooperation/integration; US/West-Afghanistan Strategic partnerships; Islamic Renaissance; and Khorassan of ideas (national/regional cultural integration/renewal).

Financial Sustainability

The AISS’ financial sustainability strategy is based on five principles: Maintaining independence; Transparency; Sustainability; Voluntarism and Eclectic approach. To this end, it aims to attract support from legitimate and like-minded sources as well as generating its own sources, including by offering subscription-based products and consultancy services.


The AISS organization comprises of three layers:

1. Executive/administrative

2. Academic

3. Board of Advisors.

Organizational Diagram

Organizational Diagram 



  • Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS)  has opened it’s UK office  after the collapse of Afghanistan to resume AISS activities following its relocation to the UK. 
  • AISS-UK was established within the University of Sussex with the logistics, academic and intellectual support of the University of Sussex, and financial support of Research England, and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to continue its activities. 
  • AISS-UK has recently acquired legal and corporate status under legal registration of the UK Company House as an independent research organisation.