First British Afghan Academics’ and Professionals’ Forum

Afghans have been migrating to the UK in greater numbers since the 1990s. Recent estimates suggest that Afghan-born migrants in the UK number almost 80,000. Although there is now a growing and vibrant Afghan community in the country research on the community is limited. This makes it hard to know how this relatively new migrant community has adjusted to life in the UK, as well as the issues they face and assistance they require to enable their socioeconomic development.

These gaps in knowledge can be addressed through greater engagement with both the established and newer Afghan community in the country. Through dialogue with Afghans in the UK, government agencies and national and local migration and refugee organisations, information can be garnered in order to assist Afghans navigate UK employment and educational settings. At the same time, cross-cultural engagement can also help in gaining insights about Afghan perspectives concering life in the UK and local community issues.

This first ‘British Afghan Academics’ and Professionals’ Forum’ intends to bring together academics and professionals operating in various sectors to discuss their work, as well as provide advice for Afghans in the UK to aid them in navigating both educational settings and the UK workforce, through shared cultural knowledge.