AISS Dogs were rescued

On the eve of ancient festival of Nowruz and our New Year (in Afghanistan&Iran), AISS’ beloved dogs, Rex and Runi arrived in their new UK home after 7 arduous and agonizing months on 18 March, 2022.
Their miraculous rescue was made possible by the cooperation and contribution of many individuals and groups, for which we convey our wholehearted appreciation.
In the early phase of the journey, the diplomats and defense attaches of embassies of Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, the US and the EU offered their assistance in finding a way to take Rex and Runi to safety. Later on Rex and Runi were included in the historic Operation Hercules , which was coordinated by Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR) led by its extraordinary director, Dr Charlotte Maxwell-Jones for which we remain eternally grateful. KSAR was supported by a number of animal charities and well-wishers around the world ,particularly No Dogs Left behind (NDLB), WarPaws and SPCA. The technical officials of Afghanistan’s civil aviation authority ,ministry of agriculture and Kabul Airport also contributed to this collaborative efforts. Amid many global crises, this small but important rescue mission demonstrates our collective capacity to find a solution for other pressing challenges, specially rescuing Afghanistan from ongoing catastrophe, if we pull together our collective will ,dedication and love .
Happy Nowruz & New Year 1401