AISS Opens its UK Office


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) is pleased to announce opening its UK office. The Office will be provisionally located within Sussex University, which has kindly offered to provide logistical support.  Research England has also made available financial contribution to support running of the Office during its initial phase.  AISS expresses its gratitude to Sussex University, Sussex Asia Centre and Research England for their academic and intellectual solidarity; reflecting UK’s long and rich tradition of offering asylum to fleeing scholars.   AISS-UK will focus on three priorities:   continuation of AISS’  activities (research, publication/translation, conference, advocacy); Supporting Afghan researchers, academia and scholars in diaspora and engaging with global research and policy communities, particularly UK/EU. AISS-UK has already taken initial step to acquire legal and corporate status within UK’s regulations to function as an independent research organisation.  More information will be available on AISS media platforms. ( or

UK Office:
School of Global Studies
University of Sussex