AISS & TAF’s Joint Study on the Effects of Transition in Faryab Province


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS), in partnership with the Asia Foundation (TAF) conducted a research project to study the ensuing social, economic, gender, governance and security-related changes after the security transition in Faryab. Its objective was to serve as a general guideline for the ISAF and Afghan government to direct the security transition so as to reduce the negative impacts of troop pullout, effectively handle post-PRT withdrawal situation, and attracting donors for existing development programs.

The study used qualitative methods and tools including semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions both in Faryab and Kabul. Based on the nature of the study’s subject, the interviewees were selected from among key government officials, senior officials from ministries, members of democratic institutions, NGO officials, civil society representatives, as well as representatives of local media houses, local entrepreneurs, and influential religious scholars and local power holders. Interviews were also conducted with members of Parliament from Faryab, traders, ANSO representatives, and politicians in Kabul. In order to collect specific data on the civil and military contribution of the Norwegian PRT and their proposed plan for the future some relevant data was gathered from the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul as well.

Initially the study started on the 1st June 2013 and took about four months to complete. The desk research of the project started on 1st June 2013, Fieldwork started on 3rd July 2013 and was completed on 1st August 2013. It took 18 days to write the final report. Ultimately the final result of the study was presented in a conference with participation of representatives from the afghan government, some foreign embassies, NGOs and civil society institutions in the Asia foundation office in Kabul on the 21st August 2013.

The complete report of the study will be made public in due course.