The 11th Annual Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-XI)

The 11th Herat Security Dialogue, held in Dushanbe on November 27 and 28, 2023, concluded after two days of extensive discussions focused on "Reimagining Afghanistan: Ways Forward." This event brought together global experts, politicians, and representatives to deliberate on Afghanistan's future.

The conference featured seven insightful panels. Panel 1, "Security Black Hole: Theme Park of Tragedies & Threats," examined the region's security dynamics, highlighting Afghanistan's role as a haven for terrorist groups. Panel 2, "Gender Apartheid: Rhetorical Solidarity; Effective Mechanism," focused on gender disparities and women's rights in Afghanistan.

Panel 3, "Donor Industrial Complex: Humanitarianism, Accountability, Effectiveness," critiqued the efficacy and accountability of humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. Panel 4, "Islamic Renaissance: Post Islamism; Civilisational Islam," provided a platform for discussing non-militant Islamic perspectives and their potential in shaping the political landscape.

The discussion continued on day two with Panel 5, "Nowrozistan: Persianate World; Inclusive Neighbourhood," exploring the shared cultural heritage and its role in fostering cooperation in the Persianate world. Panel 6, "Regional Consensus; Global Support," focused on strategic alignments and international commitments influencing Afghanistan's future. Panel 7, "National Dialogue: Towards a Democratic Afghanistan," emphasized the importance of nation-building and democratic processes in Afghanistan.

A highlight of the conference was the special panel featuring Amir Mohammad Ismail Khan, an influential anti-Soviet resistance commander and former Governor of Herat Province. His insights provided a unique perspective on Afghanistan’s historical and current challenges, as well as potential strategies for the future.

The conference concluded with remarks from Dr. Davood Moradian, who underscored the importance of open dialogue and diverse views in addressing Afghanistan's complex issues. This event marked a significant step in collaborative efforts to find sustainable solutions for Afghanistan, emphasizing the need for multifaceted approaches and international cooperation.