Celebrating Nowruz in London; Commemorating the Ancient Cultural Heritage of Our Ancestors & Cvilisation

  Sunday, March 19, 2023

The celebration of the Year 1402  Nowruz was held on Sunday, March 19 in London for cherishing and commemorating of the ancient cultural heritage of our civilization.  
This ceremony was held with the support and coordination of a group of social, cultural,  academic, and co...

AISS representative spoke at the Centre for Dialogue & Progress-Geneva (CDP-G) Conference

  Thursday, March 16, 2023

The second round of Center for Dialogue & Progress-Geneva (CDP-G)conference on “National Dialogue, Role of Civil Society, & the Future of Democratic Forces in Afghanistan,was held in Antalya,Türkiye in partnership with the Akadeniz University on 16-17 of March 2023.


Webinar Discussion on Taliban’ Gender Apartheid: Moving Beyond Condemnation

  Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Since the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021, all the progress of the last two decades for women and girls has been erased. The Taliban are again imposing a regime of gender apartheid in Afghanistan in violation of international law, as they did back in the 1990s. The term gender apar...

I.R Iran’s Realpolitik: From Liwa Fatemiyoun to Taliban

  Saturday, March 04, 2023

On March 4, 2023 with the presence of experts from Afghanistan and Iran.

The program featured Dr. Negar Partow, Professor of MENA and Security at Massey  University, New Zealand, Dr. Arash Azizi, Writer and Historian from New York University, Shah Mahmoud Miakhil, former Acting Def...

AISS DG, Dr. Davood Moradian spoke at the UK House of Lords on Taliban’s Gender Apartheid!

  Monday, February 27, 2023

On the Annual Lecture of Rahela Trust, the UK House of Lords hosted a discussion on 'How can women access education and work in Afghanistan today?' yesterday February 27, 2023 to discuss the current issues and barriers surrounding Afghan women and education.
Dr. Davood Moradia...