Afghanistan and the Growing Trend of Terrorist Thinking

Photo Credit: Taliban fighters stand guard in Kabul on Nov. 2, after at least 19 people were killed and 50 others wounded in an attack on a military hospital. (Wakil Kohsar/AFP via Getty Images)

By Abdul Saboor Sitez

The victory and continuation of the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan has caused the growth and expansion of radical ideas and behaviors in the country. Now more than ever, the platform for the growth and expansion of extremist ideas of the Taliban are deliberately targeting the young generation of Afghanistan.

In the future, the country’s youth could become unconditional supporters of extremism. Support for the Taliban’s thinking has emerged even among teenagers and young people who go to their centers for learning. The Taliban know that the only way to survive is to promote extremist ideas and dark thinking, as well as keeping people away from free thinking and knowledge. For this reason, this terrorist group consciously works hard to promote their terrorist ideas and keeps society away from achieving freedom and equality.

Taliban thinking opposes freedom, equality and justice, among other views. The Taliban do not want freedom for Afghanistan’s citizens. As previously mentioned, they do not believe in equality. Individual rights are not recognized either. Some members consider it a crime and deny the role and presence of women in society.

The Taliban’s thinking violates democracy and human rights. It is a black and destructive current that prevents society from achieving freedom, equality and justice. In a society where there is no freedom, when different opinions are considered a crime, human rights, especially women’s rights, are not respected, their presence and value are denied. This leads to great misery for the majority of the population for whom the Taliban’s ideology does not align with their own, and for those who support the rights of all.

On the other hand, the growth and expansion of the Taliban’s ideas provides the platform for the formation of extremist groups and extremist militants, now more than ever. Right now, Afghanistan has become a hot spot and a safe haven for terrorists. Various global and regional terrorist groups have gained a large presence in this country and continue their activities in peace, including Al Qaeda. Providing a platform for the growth and expansion of Taliban ideas is actually providing a field for terrorist groups. This in turn means the continuation of war, bloodshed and killing.

Considering the cultural poverty, intellectual backwardness and that traditionalism is a part of Afghan society and the regional and international ruling order, the Taliban found the opportunity to expand their influence, implement their plans and strengthen the foundations of their power in Afghanistan. The continuation and consolidation of the Taliban system means the continuation of oppression, crime and killings, while denying the meaningful role and presence of women in society.

The Taliban is the only terrorist group that currently has a specific geography and various financial resources. This has caused them to pursue their goals with ease and to find a central position among other terrorist groups. If the countries of the region and the world powers do not reconsider their actions and engagement with the Taliban, not only will Afghanistan, but the whole world will suffer. The consequences of ignoring the criminal activities of the Taliban will be an Afghanistan full of terrorists, backwardness, violence, misogyny and anti-freedom sentiments, which will become a grave issue for the international community.

The last and essential word here is that the people of Afghanistan and the responsible citizens of the country should understand that they are in a critical situation. Citizens can prevent the growth and spread of extremist and Taliban ideas by being responsible. They did not send their sons and daughters to centers whose purpose is to educate and develop extremist ideas, and should not do so in the future. They can make the future of the country and their children better through not participating in the growth of terrorist thinking in Afghanistan.

The Taliban and the Taliban’s thinking are a great social and human issues which needs to be eradicated. Otherwise the situation in the country will not change and the heavy shadow of violence, killing and denial of rights will continue to affect everyone.


Abdul Saboor Sitez, is a writer and expert on International Relations. His articles have appeared in publications, such as: Hasht - e - Subh, Etilaat Roz, Subh - e - Kabul, Afghan Women's Voices, Zan - e Rooz.



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